email sent to membership on May 3, 2021

Dear Dolphin Families,

This summer we are all excited about the possibilities and the changes we will have.  We are planning to have an amazing season and have some strong Dolphins in the water.

With all the changes over this past year, another change (and blessing) that came was 2 (yes, TWO) wonderful children to Coach Kristy!!  As many moms know, we try to do LOTS of things and sometimes we have to take a step back. So, Coach Kristy will be helping from behind the scenes as we need her.

Over the last several years as Head Coach, she not only got our Dolphins swimming fast in all races, she trained some of the older swimmers to be leaders as well.  It is with such excitement that we have 2 wonderful Dolphins that will be leading this group this summer!  Claire Griffin and Frances Whitworth.  Both of these lovely ladies have been Dolphin swimmers and coaches over the past years and now they are ready to lead our Dolphins this summer!

We have talked with Coach Kristy for several times as she had a difficult time making this decision. One thing we do know is that her babies are already being raised to be fellow Dolphins!!

Practice for ALL new little Dolphins starts Monday, May 10th at 5:30 – 6:30.  That is our Dolphins School week!

Beginning Monday, May 17 (Mon-Thurs through June 7, no practice on Memorial Day):
5:30-6:00pm (7 years and under)
6:15-7:00pm (8 – 10 year olds)
7:15-8:30 (11 years and up)

June 8 is our first swim meet of the season and last day of school for WSFCS!

Beginning Wednesday, June 9, the morning schedule is as follows: 
8:30-9:30am (10 and under)
9:30-10am (stroke clinic for all ages)
10-11am (11 and ups)

Evening makeup sessions will be held Mon-Thurs from 6-7pm beginning June 9.

Swim meet schedule:
6/8 @ Brookberry Farm
6-15 @ Waterford
6-17 @ Old Town Club
6-22 HOME vs Sherwood
6-29 HOME vs Westwood,
7-6 HOME vs New Sherwood

Please visit for more swim team info and to register your swimmer!

Looking forward to a GREAT SUMMER,
Ashley and Kelly
Peace Haven Pool Swim Team Reps