Want your own reserved party space at the pool? The covered shelter is available for member rentals! The shelter has a kitchen, restrooms, new ceiling fans, and easy access to the pool, grill, playground, and backyard area.  ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS ITEMS ARE PERMITTED IN THE KITCHEN, SHELTER OR POOL AREAS.

Shelter Rental:

  • Cost $75
  • No individual guest fees
  • Rental gives you direct access to the kitchen, charcoal grill, ceiling fans and separate restroom

Party dates fill up fast! Complete the reservation form below at least two weeks in advance to reserve your date! Contact our Tennis & Shelter Director  if you have any questions.

Shelter Rental

  • Please use the Shelter Rental Facility Reservation found in your account. Membership Info ---> Manage Account ---> Reservations ---> Make Reservation ---> Facility: "Shelter Rental"
  • American Express
    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa

    As a member of PHCA, you are eligible to rent the shelter and/or pool for birthday parties and other
    group gatherings. This is a great membership benefit. We want to provide this service in a safe
    environment for all members, as well as guests. Please be aware that when
    renting the shelter, you are subject to the guidelines listed below.
    1-Available to members only.
    2-Groups larger than 50 must have PHCA Board approval.
    3-Shelter is available during pool season (between Memorial Day and Labor Day).
    4-Shelter must be rented to have access to the kitchen.
    5-Rental includes use of shelter, bathrooms and kitchen.
    6-Shelter rental is reserved on a “first come, first served” basis.
    7-Reservations require at least two-week notice.
    8-Shelter rental fee of $75 required at time of reservation.
    9-Please clean up at the end of your rental. If a cleaning fee is assessed then you will be billed $25 to your account.

  • We agree to protect, indemnify, save and keep harmless PHCA, its board, employees, and members against and from any and all loss, cost damage, or expense arising out of or in connection with any accident or other occurrence on or about said premises causing injury to any person or property, including injury to ourselves, and will protect, indemnify and save and keep harmless the above mentioned parties from any and all claims, costs, or expense arising out of our use of the premises for the purposes of our rental. We will comply with and perform all the requirements and provisions agreed to and required by PHCA during the period commencing at the premises of the PHCA. We agree not to allow entrance to the premises or the use of the premises by anyone who had not previously been authorized entrance or use of the premises, and who has not previously agreed to protect, indemnify, save and keep harmless PHCA, et al, and whose signatures do not appear on this agreement. We also agree to pay for any damages or cleaning fee to the premises and equipment caused by our use or negligence, excluding normal wear and tear of the premises or equipment. We also agree to notify the PHCA Tennis/Shelter Director or PHCA President of any damages or hazardous conditions immediately, and to immediately discontinue use of the premises, until the condition can be corrected.

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