(Email sent to membership on June 1)

Hello Membership!

First, thank you so much for all of your patience during the initial reservation process as well as opening day!!

We want to apologize for any confusion that happened with reservations yesterday.  The company who designed our pool management software provided us with a reservation tool that links directly into the membership database and provides us with a lot of capabilities.  Unfortunately we quickly discovered that the tool has “bugs”.  These bugs are preventing the following things:

  1. stopping reservation sign ups at the limit we set for certain days (some are working properly)
  2. Accurately showing how many slots have been filled on certain days (some are working properly)
  3. Sending a confirmation to members after reserving a time
  4. And allowing members to cancel / change their reservations immediately

We were shocked and disappointed when we noticed the problems but tried to power through and come up with solutions as quickly as we could! So we really mean it when we say thank you for your patience!

We know there are still questions about all of this so hopefully the following helps some!

  1. We are going to try and continue as is for these first two weeks.  If this reservation tool continues to not function properly, we will switch to Sign Up Genius.
  2. Reservation confirmations are not reported in real time, but are manually reported onto this link within two hours of your making your reservation: https://peacehavenpool.com/reservation-confirmations-june-1-june-15/
  3. The reservation confirmation link can also be accessed from the landing page (main page) of our web site at https://peacehavenpool.com/
  4. Because some reservation days are not reporting updates in real time, please consult the total number of spots available on the reservation confirmation link first before making your reservation.
  5. If you need to cancel or change a slot please email webmaster@peacehavenpool.com and we will cancel your reservation as soon as possible.
  6. Because the reservation tool does not stop guests from signing up on some days when we reach time slot capacity, we receive more sign ups than we can handle.  Therefore, we are assigning the spots in order the reservation was received.  If you do not get the spot you wanted, you are on the waitlist and we will let you know if a spot is canceled.
  7. Same day sign ups begin at 8:00 am. Those reservations should be listed on reservation confirmation link by 9:30 am.

Again, really appreciate your patience! We hope those of you who attended the pool felt that the check in process was smooth and we hope you all enjoyed your first day at the pool!

As always, you can email me directly at webmaster@peacehavenpool.com with any questions or problems!

Thank you,
Kristin Schollander
(and PHCA board)