(email sent to membership 6/4/2020)

Good Morning! We want to, again, start off by thanking you all for your patience and understanding as we got the pool season started.  Hopefully you all are enjoying your time at the pool so far!

We wanted to share some great news!!  It appears that all of the issues we had with the reservation system have been corrected!

  • The calendar is stopping sign-ups when it is supposed to
  • With their most recent update last night, all members should now be able to see your reservations directly in your account.  (The only exception to this is if I spoke directly with you to add you to a date or change a date you had made).
  • Members are now also able to cancel a reservation on their own.
  • And, we have tested the functionality of once a member cancels a reservation, those spots are immediately available again on the calendar

Since members can now see their own reservations, reservations can change hands in real time, and everything appears to be working correctly, we are not going to keep up the reservation confirmation page.  We will, however, keep it up through the end of today in order for you each to write down times you have signed up for and to also check to see if their are any issues that you need help with.  If you see something that does not look right in your account in comparison to the reservation confirmation page, please email webmaster@peacehavenpool.com

As a reminder, we plan to open up the next two weeks of reservations on Sunday June 14 at noon.  Starting on that day, reservations can be made for the date range June 16-June 30.  Please keep in mind, any reservations made before we officially open it up will be deleted.

Thank you! And happy swimming!!
PHCA Board