We hope you all are enjoying your time at the pool so far this summer! This email will include information and instructions for our next round of pool reservations.


  • Each family will be allowed FIVE reservations for the period of June 16-June 30 with only one slot per weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday).
  • Aside from your five reservations, on each day beginning at 8:00 AM, a member may claim a “same day swim slot”.
  • We have adjusted the 8:00 am – 9:30 am swim time a bit so please note the following changes:
    • Senior & Medically At Risk will be held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.  Reservations are needed for this time slot and only 6 swimmers max are allowed (one per lane)
    • Youth Lap Swim will be held every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday. Reservations are required for this time slot and only 6 swimmers max are allowed (one per lane). An adult is required to attend with the child. When making a reservation, please only select the child who is swimming.
  • All members should now be able to see any reservations they make in their own account as well as have the ability to cancel a reservation if your plans change.
  • Please make sure to cancel your reservation if you find out you are unable to attend the swim block because once you cancel, it opens up the free spots on the calendar for others to claim
  • We plan to continue to limit each swim block to 45 people (swimmers & non-swimmers). This will be reassessed at the end of the month
  • Reservations will open up at NOON on SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2020 for the time period of June 16 – June 30
  • The Reservation Page can be found by going to this link: https://peacehavenpool.com/reservations
  • Members will need to be logged in to make reservations
  • As previously noted, in fairness to all members, any reservations made before NOON on June 14 for the time period of June 16 – June 30 WERE DELETED. If you previously made reservations you will need to make your reservations again beginning on Sunday at noon.
  • We hope by the end of the month that we will be able to loosen our regulations & restrictions as the state will (hopefully) be moving into Phase 3
  • If you are having trouble with the online registration system please EMAIL Kristin Schollander.  Please note it may take some time to receive a response.