Dear Members,

We’ve had a great start to the 2021 season and are happy to report we are nearly full with memberships this summer! There are still a few slots left if you want to encourage your friends to join – it’s not too late!

While it’s just a few weeks in, we do have a few important announcements and reminders to share. Please continue to contact us at with any questions or concerns and we will respond as soon as possible.

Take Note:

~ There was a recent incident of horseplay at the pool that could have become a dangerous situation. Please remind children that we do not condone bullying or rough housing, especially in the pool. Our lifeguards, board members, and snack shack attendants have been alerted to keep an eye out and to report any future incidents. Repeat incidents are cause for expulsion.

~ After further discussion, the board decided to ban wall-ball in the pool. It’s becoming too dangerous for our youngest and oldest members who want to enjoy the shallow end of the pool.

~ As a family pool, we encourage and appreciate conservative and full cover bathing suits at all times. Also, appropriate swimwear (and not clothing) is only allowed in the pool.

~ Only children five years and younger (and their caretakers) are allowed in the baby pool.

~ The tennis courts are for tennis and pickleball only.

~ Please dispose of any trash from the tennis courts after playing.


~ Our new Snack Shack freezer will be delivered on Friday! So, we expect no shortages of frozen treats moving forward!

~“Meat Fest” is getting ready to return to the pool! The organizers and the board are currently finalizing a date, along with details, and we will share that soon.

~ Anyone interested and willing to do some light landscaping and “sprucing up” of our facility, both inside and outside the fence? If so, please email We are currently scheduling days in the near future to check several items off our To Do list.

~We are about to push out the first round of invoices to all who have charged snack shack purchase or guest passes to their accounts.  Below, you will find a step by step walk through on how to pay those bills.

~ There will be several board positions becoming available for the 2022-2023 season. More information will be coming, but start thinking if you want to get more involved!

~The board has plans to update our by-laws and pool rules this year.  We will be submitting those to membership for approval towards the end of the season.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this email, and we’ll see you at the pool!
~ Your PHCA Board


STEP ONE: Log into acount. Click on Membership Info —> Payments

STEP TWO: On this page you will see a list of any charges. #1 – To pay the charges, click on the check box beside each individual charge. #2 – If you wish to buy any guest passes make selection in drop down area. Leave blank if you do not wish to purchase guest passes. #3 – Check the button beside “Credit or Debit”. #4- Click “NEXT”

STEP THREE: On the next page you will see your account and address information. Then you will enter your credit card information. Then click “SUBMIT ORDER”