Frequently Asked Questions

PHCA Phase 2 Frequently Asked Questions

(Email sent to membership on 5/26/20 at 8:20 pm)

We have received your questions to date (many have been asked by several different members) and compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions to hopefully clarify a lot of uncertainty. Please be sure to pay your dues by May 30 (and remind your friends to do same)! We plan on emailing out swim reservation instructions by the end of the week. We plan to only send these instructions to paid members.

If you have additional questions, please email and we will continue to add to this FAQ document. We will also post this FAQ to our website. As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through the Phases.

*Please note: The rules and regulations currently in place are to help us manage expectations during Phase 2. We are hopeful we will move to Phase 3 in July, at which time, many of these rules and regulations may get relaxed even more. This is a learning process for everyone, and we are all doing our best to keep our members safe and healthy.


Communication & Membership Accounts

Why am I not receiving emails?
We are aware of this issue and are trying to resolve it. If you have an email address that is not receiving the emails, please report it here:

How do I update my account online?
Members will use their email account to log in along with the default password that we sent out in an email.  If you are unable to find the default password OR you are unable to log in and need help please fill out this form and we can help get you set up.

Once you log in you will be able to edit your account.  The following items are things you will need to update within your account.  Items highlighted are items that are REQUIRED before a member will be able to be checked in to the pool for the first time.

  1. Make sure the information listed in your account is correct – phone numbers, emails addresses, billing address, children’s birthdates
  2. Add emergency contact information to your account
  3. Upload a photo for each member in your family
  4. Each adult needs to acknowledge and sign the swim waiver (this is designated as a red block that says swim waiver.  Click on that and then read and sign)
  5. Pay your membership dues

We are not comfortable sending pictures of ourselves electronically, but we are willing to make ourselves known to the pool staff. How can this be handled? 
Member photos are required for checking in.  So, we will have to have a photo on file of each member.  If an account has not uploaded their photos, greeters are instructed to assist members with taking a member photo at the pool and then pinning it to their account.  We can assure that it is a secure database and PHCA will not share any information.

Are caregivers still considered part of the family membership?
Yes, caregivers are not guests as long as they are listed on your membership application, and they will be allowed to bring younger family members to the pool. Caregivers need to sign waivers and submit a photo with your account. Please contact Michael Ferrin ( or fill out this form to have a caregiver added to your account.


Membership Dues

Why did you ask for membership dues so close to the opening date of June 1? The turnaround time seems a bit unreasonable given all the uncertainty.
We agree the turnaround has been incredibly fast. We were not able to open in Phase 1, and did not get confirmation we could open until the Governor spoke on May 20 and approved Phase 2. Prior to that, we did not want to ask members to pay until we had better guidance from the Governor about what was allowed. Out of consideration of all our pool families, we have tried very hard not to put undue pressure or financial burden, or make any hasty decisions regarding how we open for this summer season. The safely for ALL of our members has been our primary concern before dues collection.

Will there be a pro-rated fee?
Unfortunately, we’ve determined that we cannot sustain operational costs for the entire summer if we prorated memberships. We have expanded our pool hours through September to increase use of the facility during these restricted weeks, so there will not be a prorated option.

Can we pay by check, or are payments accepted online only?
Due to COVID-19, we are only accepting payments online, and there is a 3% transaction fee when paying. Please know this fee goes directly to the company that manages our credit card payments; it does not go to Peace Haven pool.

I paid my dues but it hasn’t been marked paid. What should I do?
It takes a while for everything to sync.  If you still have questions, please contact our treasurer –

How much are dues?
We offer a couple different dues options, and they are the same as last year. When you log into your account and click on the red banner you should see your dues there. We offer a regular membership for families with children and then a senior membership for couples without children or children over 19.

At what age does the senior membership begin?
Our “senior” membership option is not based on age.  It is based on if you have children living in your home under the age of 19. If you do not have children living at home, you qualify for senior membership.

Can we join later in July?
No, we are not offering that option for this swim season.


General Attendance Rules & Safety Regulations

Why all the restrictions? Why not just open at 50% capacity?
The state has presented us a full list of requirements and recommendations in order for us to safely open.  Please view this document to read more information:

Can you explain the different swim reservation blocks?
We are offering three different categories of swim Monday – Sunday during phase 2

  • Adult Lap Swim – 5:00 am – 7:30 am – As with year’s past. This is for adults who want to swim laps. Max of  6 people allowed at a time.  Lane ropes will not be up but swimmers should stay 1 person per lane. A reservation is not required for this but you will need to coordinate with a “captain” who has the key.
  • Elderly & Medically at Risk – 8:00 am – 9:30 am – This swim block does require reservations and is available for our higher risk members.  Only 6 reservations will be allowed during this time.  Swimmers should stay 1 swimmer per lane.
  • General Membership Time Blocks – We have 4 time blocks we are providing throughout the day. 10:00 am – 12:30 pm, 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm, 4:00pm – 6:00 pm, and 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.  Reservations will be needed for each of these swim blocks.  Members will be limited to a certain number or reservations per week but can pick up “same day reservations” if there is an opening every morning after 8:00 am.  We will be sending out details on how to reserve and how many reservations will be allowed in each time block as well as how many reservations per family per week later this week. Lap ropes will be down and each family unit is expected to keep themselves socially distanced while in the pool.

What will check-in procedure be for a Pool Reservation time slot?
We hope that account members can complete the following prior REQUIRED items prior to checking in so that there is not a delay during the check in process.  If a family is missing one of these items they will be asked to move to the back of the line until the greeter can help them. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Members will not be allowed to check in or swim until a photo has been uploaded for each member of the account
  • Members will not be allowed to check in or swim until emergency contact information has been added to the account
  • Members will not be allowed to check in or swim until the waiver is acknowledged in the account.
  • Members will not be allowed to check in or swim if their account is in an unpaid status

How do I make my swim reservation?
The reservation process will hopefully be linked through your online account and check in procedures.  We are currently building out the back end of the website to handle this reservation and hope to have that (along with instructions) sent out to members later this week. Once we have that sent out to members, if you have questions about creating a reservation, a reservation made, the check in procedures, please contact: Kristin Schollander –

What happens if it thunderstorms during our time slot? Can we sign up for another slot later in the week even though we have already signed up for 2 slots?
We suggest that members look at the 7 day forecast before signing up for slots. Members can also check at 8:00 am each morning to see if any day of slots have opened up.

If my family of four makes a swim reservation, and then one of us cannot attend, are we allowed to bring a friend in place of that family member? 
No guests are allowed at Peace Haven Pool at this time.  We are hoping this will change in Phase 3.  So if you sign up for 4 slots and one cannot attend, only 3 will be attending with your reservation.  Also, please keep in mind that no individuals will be admitted into pool facilities if they do not have a photo or are not listed on the member account.

Pool Breaks during Swim Reservation Times?
We are currently working with our pool management company to come up with the details of how phase two will look. Pool breaks are not just for the benefit of lifeguards but also to allow for young children to take a break from the effort of being in the pool.  We are hoping that we can have one 10 minute break during each reservation slot throughout the day. The details of swim reservations and clear instructions on how to reserve your times will be released the week before the pool opens.

 Medical Professionals who are exposed but have PPE on during exposure. Are they allowed in pool?
We want to make sure we create a safe environment for all members including those who are medical professionals.  We trust that the medical professionals are properly protected if any exposure occurs.  That being said, we do expect medical professionals to not attend the pool if they have been unsafely exposed to COVID-19 or someone who has tested positive within the past 14 days.

How will rules be enforced that one family may get several times and another may not be able to sign up and get same access?
The reservation system tracks reservations and a board member will be recording daily who signs up and how many times they sign up per week.

If everyone pays same amount but will some families get more or less pool access?
Families will all be given equal opportunity to sign up for swim times.  Right now we believe that will be two times a week per family. (Unless there is an opening on a certain day that is reserved after 8:00 am on that day).  The amount of reservation slots is based on how many families sign up for the pool.  Then we will take that number and split it fairly between all members.

How will you make sure it’s fair? Twice a week only?
Yes, we intend to be very strict on the reservation requirements.  A board member has the specific role of keeping track of the reservations.

What happens if a family doesn’t show up for their reservation time slot? How will other families be notified that there is an open time slot? 
We will not be notifying members if this happens because when a member signs up for a slot, they can come half way through if they choose and decide they only want to swim for an hour.  For instance, we have to leave their time slot open for them because if a family signs up for the 1:00-3:00 slot but then they decide they can not arrive until 2:30 for a quick dip.

Is there any chance the pool will close down during the season, or not open at all?
Yes, both scenarios could become a reality. If a lifeguard become sick, Pool Professionals will instruct us to close down for two full weeks. Likewise, if we do not meet our minimum requirement of paid members, we will not break even with our operational costs, which means we may not be able to open. We don’t think it’s a responsible decision to open if we know we will be operating in the red. That’s why we are asking all members who plan to join to pay dues as soon as possible so we can confirm our numbers. If we do not open, all payments will be refunded in full.

Is my child (who is considered medically at-risk and/or has special needs) allowed to swim during the special senior swim hours in the morning? 
Yes, you can bring a medically at risk child during that time slot.  Only 6 reservations will be accepted each morning during that time slot. (1 reservation per swim lane)

Will the diving board be open?
Yes, the diving board will be open and we will have markings on the ground so children can properly social distance.  Parents will need to help monitor the social distancing though because lifeguards will not be doing that.

What happens if twelve people want to reserve lanes? Is there a system to rotate turns?
We are not sure exactly which direction this question leans more to but we are going to try and answer the best we can.  If an adult wants to swim laps, they should attend the adult swim in the morning because we cannot guarantee that you will be able to swim laps during our 4 general membership swim reservation blocks. There will be at least one pool break during each general member reservation block so an adult could swim laps then.  Please keep in mind that during the general member reservation swim blocks, each family unit is expected to stay together and be socially distanced from other families units while in the water.

Are hand rails in the pool safe?
Handrails, ladder, gates, tables, bathrooms and all other surfaces will be disinfected during each 30 minute block between each reservation time block.

How will lifeguards determine who needs to social distance?
The lifeguards will NOT be monitoring social distancing of the members. It is the personal responsibility of each family to abide by the suggested guidelines set forth by the CDC and the Forsyth County Health Department. Please adhere to posted guidelines.

Can we use the tennis courts and playground?
The tennis courts opened in Phase II, and we are hopeful the playground will be open in Phase III. Members are responsible for adhering to the executive order regarding outdoor gatherings. The lifeguards will not be monitoring the numbers in the tennis courts. Please see our last email for more details on tennis court use.

Can we use the grills?
Not at this time.