We are so excited that pool season is just around the corner!

First, a big THANK YOU to those who have generously donated to our fundraiser for the new pool heater. Our new heater has arrived and will begin being installed very soon!  If you would like to donate to our pool heater fundraiser you can still make a tax deductible donation on our gofundme page or by mailing a check to Peace Haven Civic Association PO Box 25861 Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Second, it is time to start paying your 2021 membership dues.  Because of lower than normal 2020 membership numbers and the need to replace the pool heater, we are asking for everyone to pay by March 1st this year if you can.  For those of you that are able to pay by March 1st, we will be giving you $25 DOLPHIN DOLLARS! We are really excited about offering this fun incentive. Your dolphin dollars can be applied as guest passes, snack shack purchases, or swim team!  (We will send you an email to find out how you want your dolphin dollars applied) We will also accept dues without penalty through Memorial Day weekend but appreciate you paying them as soon as you are able.

You may be wondering, “Where is my invoice?” Your invoice is already in your online account and ready to be paid!  Below, you will find a step by step walk-through on how to log in and pay your dues.  If you have trouble logging in please email webmaster@peacehavenpool.com.

As a reminder, you will find two options to pay through your account:
1. Pay online with a credit card
2. Select to pay by check.  For this option you will mail a check to Peace Haven Civic Association – PO Box 25861 Winston-Salem, NC 27104 own text

(If you are on a cell phone viewing please swipe left on the below graphics to move through)


STEP ONE: Go to www.peacehavenpool.com and click "Log In" in the top right corner.

Enter your User Name and Password and click "LOGIN"


STEP TWO: Once you log in, you may see a yellow warning bar that alerts you to items such as, Emergency Contact Information, Children's Birthdays, and Adults needing to sign the Required Waivers.


STEP THREE: Scroll down to where your families are listed and sign any required waivers, add emergency contact etc.

Click on the red adult waiver form.


STEP FOUR: Click the agree box and then click SUBMIT.

Once you complete all of the required account items, REFRESH YOUR SCREEN.


STEP FIVE: After refreshing, you will now see a RED bar that tells you that membership dues need to be paid. Click on "HERE"


STEP SIX: Select if you want to pay by Card or by Check. Then click Next. The next screen will take you to a place to either, enter your credit card information or a page that confirms you are paying by check. Once you finish confirming your information click Submit to make your payment.